Soar like a hawk

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Her head points into the wind, her eyes focused, her resolve clear. She floats backward and away, catches another thermal – soaring gracefully in another direction, around and back, ultimately nearer to her prize.

The hawk I saw dancing in the sky in front of my house reminded me: keep your eye on your goal, what you want to be creating – and, then to be open to the process, to exactly how it happens.

4 thoughts on “Soar like a hawk

    • Maureen, I wish I had taken that shot – it was that beautiful, although I didn’t take that photo. I seemed to have put the photo credit in the media description versus caption section – just corrected it. I agree hawks are amazing and love, too, the idea of our own thermal and not moving in a straight line. Glad to have you here soaring with me and how we bump into each other sharing thermals sometimees! 🙂

  1. “Be open to the process, to exactly how it happens.” Nature has so much wisdom to share with us on this one concept. I could meditate just on this one sentence. Nature doesn’t resist reality as we “smarter” humans can do. I think the key to intentional change, paradoxically, is to be open. Truth in nature. I love it Vicki.

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