The quiet sounds of a summer saturday night

???????????????????????????????The nibble of abundant deliciousness that has been playing over and over for me today is my summer Saturday night with Jim. How special it was to sit out on our deck together as the light gave way to dark and the busy-ness of the day gave way to a quiet energy, when the silence of the evening was wrapped only in the sounds of crickets, and the occasional firefly flickered in the fading light. Thanks, Jim, for another precious memory to add to our collection. I love you. 

* The photo is of a bunny that sits in our yard, taken last year. Now he stares at us longingly, across the patch of yard from the deck, sitting under a big beautiful hosta. I wonder what his view was like as he gazed upon us having our nibble of abundant deliciousness…


3 thoughts on “The quiet sounds of a summer saturday night

  1. I love your visuals, Vicki. But I have to admit that I”m fascinated by the blue bunny which reads like a scene out of Dickens (focusing on the unusual things around us). Where did he come from? What his he doing? what’s his name? Pink? 😉

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