Goldfinches, great reading and good music

courtesy of

courtesy of

The latest nibbles of abundant deliciousness:

  • Walking with Jim as the sun sets in the evenings, through the park lined with so many yellow wildflowers, and glittered with flitting goldfinches
  • Reading at bedtime a great couple of Harvard Business Review articles [1) Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform and 2) The Human Moment at Work] referred to me by my friend Karin, which reminded me – 1) if anyone is going to take care of my health and create work-life balance, it’s me and 2) making time for human connection when working from home is essential
  • Putting a home-made CD of music in the player when driving home from my doctor appointment today (my rotator cuff tendinopathy is not so much a nibble…), cranking it up and singing out loud to the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Martin Sexton, Credence Clearwater Revival, Counting Crows

Hope you are finding nibbles in each of your days…here’s to a meal full this weekend! 


7 thoughts on “Goldfinches, great reading and good music

  1. Aren’t goldfinches the best? Talk about aero dynamic (I need to be more aerodynamic!) And I have some of those yellow flowers in the photo. I bought them at a local farmers market when I read the sign that said, “These will be the showpiece of your garden!” It didn’t mention that they grow to be about 7′ tall. Showpiece indeed. The fact that I haven’t seen any goldfinches there tells me that I’m not spending enough time in my garden…. or nibbling, or reading, or …. but working on it. Thanks for the inspiration, Vicki!!!

      • Yup, you now, I wondered the same thing when it flew off my fingers (I learn by writing). There are nuggets in there for sure… lack of resistance, riding the thermals, (saw a big hawk on my street yesterday, by the way – it looked like a Pterodactyl for sure!) Maybe there is something to be said for being scary AND aerodynamic! :_) We’ll get there, enjoy your Sunday.

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