So many delectable nibbles


Today’s nibble of abundant deliciousness is first and foremost my amazing rock star friend Maureen Monte. Together we have been building purpose and meaning in our lives – we’ve had our challenges, although it’s easier holding hands and cheering each other on from the sidelines.

Just arrived: a copy of Aaron Hurst’s new book, The Purpose Economy, from none other than QM (I call her Queen Maureen for her leadership and regal nature). She always shares such wonderful works with me – not just talking about what she’s reading, but sending me a copy of something that inspires her. I know I will be devouring this book, wouldn’t you? Here’s the last paragraph on the very first page:

It’s a disturbing, but liberating thought — everything is in transition and far less permanent than we imagine. But if little of what we build or experience outlasts us, we can and should give ourselves far more permission to experiment and take risks. Few things cannot change. That means that we possess much more power than we realize, but it also means that even if we make mistakes, they are impermanent and reparable. Things are done a certain way, until they aren’t. You can be the one who makes a change ~Aaron Hurst

As I was easing into the book, reading all the wonderful things others had to say about Mr. Hurst and his thoughtful work, I wondered why I was reading the list of 100 Pioneers (their photos the backdrop of the book cover) on the introductory page. So many people, I must confess, I don’t know. But, I found the reason! I came upon the name of someone that I greatly admire – Rick Fedrizzi, the CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council. I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with him and his purpose-driven staff for 5 years, serving on the Board of an arm of the organization, the Green Building Certification Institute. (In previous posts, I’ve written about being Passionately Strategic in my GBCI Board work, and about my dreams being awakened while attending a Greenbuild conference.) Oh, my, if Rick and what he’s inspired is a sign of where the world is going, I am ready for the ride!


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4 thoughts on “So many delectable nibbles

  1. Ah, QV (I call her Queen Vicki for her total awesomeness and regal nature!) 🙂 As usual, I learn something from you even when I think I’ve given the gift! I didn’t realize those were the photos of the top 100 people – I have a copy of the book too. Glad you found it helpful, and of course, there is a total link between knowing your strengths and finding your purpose. So it fits right into my strategy as a success architect… and I’m not at all surprised that you found someone you’ve actually worked with – how very exciting! We will do even more great things together, my friend, and SOMEDAY… SOMEDAY we will actually meet in person. Onward!

  2. Hi Vicki —

    As you always do, you blew me away with the blog that you shared, and I hope you’re ok with the fact that I turned around and shared it with my nearly 5,000 twitter followers. That Purpose Economy stuff you quoted was stunning.

    And what a wonderful way to celebrate your own life, but aggregating all the “little nuggets” that come to you and sharing them with others. I’ve always been such a fan of your big brain and your even bigger heart. Thanks for all you do and for all you’ve given to our movement.

    See you soon.


    • Rick, I am delighted that you were inspired to share with your twitter followers! And, I am honored to have been part to the USGBC/GBCI movement. I look forward to all the ways you, me and the other purpose-filled people out there will change the world for the better! Thanks for stopping by. Vicki

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