30hop coming soon

30hop fb page

We’re anticipating the opening of a new restaurant just a mile or so down the road from us at Iowa River Landing. The Daily Iowan (The University of Iowa’s student newspaper) posted a feature “Hopping to it in Coralville” on 7/24/14 that has us really excited. What they are saying:

  • It will have 30 craft beers on tap – voila, the name makes sense now!
  • It’s urban industrial, but the rustic touches soften the space and make it comfortable, approachable, and relaxing.
  • It will have the first rooftop patio in the county, to seat 130 guests – the intent is to bring a big-city feel to the area.
  • They want to offer a high-caliber restaurant like you might find in Chicago, serving up Asian-inspired tastes and ‘beer-centric’ recipes (featuring head chef Ryan Funk).
  • They are scheduled to open in the first couple of weeks of August.


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