Little Surprises

004croppedWalking around my mother-in-law’s new home, I noticed a Butterfly bush among the holly and crepe myrtle. I love Butterfly bushes! We had one in our backyard in Athens GA, a big grand plant – my first introduction. These plants, well, they…attract butterflies…uh, yeah, duh! And, that’s what I love about these straggly bushes. I’ve killed two of these wonderful plants in my back yard in Iowa – too much shade, too cold.

Anyway, I approached the bush to confirm I had identified it correctly. And, as I walked up to it, a big Robin went darting out and across the yard to the back of the house. Hmmm…

I continued my approach, this time my interest expanded. I peaked deep into the little bush and to my surprise, there were these 3 beautiful Robin’s egg blue eggs. This has to be my absolute favorite color. What a lovely nest.

And, how delightful to share this photo and my discovery with Kitty. She can watch the development of these babies from her dining room window!




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