A life with squirrels in spring

squirrels playing

This morning I awoke early and decided to go for the run I didn’t take yesterday. I got about two houses down my street when I saw something in my neighbor’s yard. It was a squirrel. As I got closer, I could see it was a baby squirrel. Something wasn’t right. I stopped running and approached slowly. This poor baby squirrel had it’s dead baby sibling attached to its tail and it was dragging it along behind him. He stopped and I stood there. What should I do? Instinctively, I put my shoe down on the dead squirrel, hoping with a little effort the live one could pull away. But he was too afraid or tired to move. Plus there was a pretty strong looking matted mess connecting the little guy’s tail to its little sibling. What should I do? I ran back to the house to get some scissors.

As I jogged down the sidewalk, I knew the little critter might not be there. But, he was! I approached slowly. He seemed to trust me. I put my shoe down on the dead one again. Then, very slowly, I leaned down with the scissors, watching for signs of fear or panic. Is this safe? Seemed to be so I found a place beyond my new friend’s tail to cut. It took a good clip to separate life from death. I freed the baby! He didn’t move. I coaxed him but he still didn’t move. I could see his breathing was shallow. Too tired or afraid to move. I decided he’d figure it out if I just left him alone so I went on my run. Forty minutes later when I returned, there was no sign of the little sweet pea. He was free! Ah, what a relief. I hope he flourishes here on Pine Ridge Road.

He definitely will have lots of friends to play with. I’m now on the deck in the back yard and there are 5 (!!!) squirrels running about. Scampering along the fence, up into the trees, jumping bravely from branch to branch, scurrying down the tree trunks and through the garden beds. Ah, it must be spring.

Yes, it is spring. I’m getting quite the show from my perch in this rocker. A bluebird just raced across the yard – we never see them around here! A goldfinch feeds on the thistle sock feeder! The wrens are singing. The swallows are hollering from their new home in the big blue house on one of the pines. A bright red male cardinal hops through the grass. A robin bathes in the bath along the back fence. The chipmunks feast under the bird feeder.  The violets create purple polka dots in the grass.

And, I’m filled with joy for life. It’s going to be a great day!

* Photo courtesy of beyondrivalry.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “A life with squirrels in spring

  1. Ah… don’t you think that lovely little baby sensed your empathy energy? You put your kindness and gratitude and love of life to good work today, my friend. So much to see and hear and feel if we can allow ourselves the space to do so. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Incredible compassion for a little furry friend. Also, your backyard haven (perhaps heaven?) attracts the delights of birds and small animals. What a lovely place to sit and watch and reflect!

    • Maureen, Yvonne, and Jedn, I feel so blessed. Thank you for stopping by to remind me that I live in a little piece of heaven – some of which I have a hand in creating, most of which Mother Nature is responsible for!

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