Happy Awakening Annivesary

happy anniversary2

Today marks 9 years since I fell victim to a phishing scam. An event that was part of my ‘awakening’ – a time in my life when I realized I was not living my life fully, that I was missing the joy and beauty and connection that is possible. It was a time when I saw vividly how I was zooming through life, checking things off, missing most of the beauty of the trip because I was so focused on getting to the destination. I am once again reminded of the opportunity that lies in slowing down and being present. I recommit to limit my multi-tasking, to being thoughtful in my actions, and to not self-impose pressure to respond. Take your time, Vicki Flaherty!

* Image courtesy of www.euromuaythai.eu

2 thoughts on “Happy Awakening Annivesary

  1. Life sure can throw us some curve balls now and then, but you seem to have a knack for turning such events into life lessons that serve you in a positive way. That is a gift.

  2. What a great lesson, Vicki! And also a great example of how NOT to be a martyr. You could have taken the victim role, blaming everything but yourself. You were still victimized, but you saw that a more careful and mindful existence would benefit you. It was a “turn signal” from the universe, not a form of punishment. Great work!

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