Don’t live too fast

dontlivetoofastSomething I read recently said ‘don’t live too fast’. It stuck with me.

Another way of saying slow down, something I’ve been trying to do consciously for the past 7 years.

Maybe it was the same feature that sent me over to zenhabits by Leo Babuta, a blog about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of life. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. It also happens to be one of the Top 25 blogs and Top 50 websites in the world, with more than a million monthly readers – so maybe you are already familiar with it. I really appreciated the post from earlier this week The Reality of the Moment

…pause and expand your awareness…

…become aware of the actual reality of this particular moment…

…the ever-changing, impermanent nature of you…




4 thoughts on “Don’t live too fast

  1. Vicki, wonderful – thanks for pointing me to the zenhabits site – will go peruse 🙂
    Your picture reminded be of a quote accredited to Buddha: “The problem with time is, that you think you have enough”, and also to a poem ‘TIME’, by a Danish poet Benny Andersen, translation follows – ‘best efforts’:
    We have twelve clocks in our house
    but still it seems there is never enough time. You go to the kitchen to get chocolate milk for your tiny son and when you return, he has grown too old for that
    and demands beer, girls, and revolution! You must make the most of time while you have it.

    Your daughter comes home from school
    And goes out to play hopscotch.
    She comes back shortly after bringing her newborn baby,
    Asking you to watch while she and her husband go tothe theater. But while they are away, the child graduates from high school
    – with some difficulty.
    You must make the most of time while you have it.

    You take a picture of your beautiful young wife
    wearing a strong-coloured gypsy headscarf, but no sooner is the picture developed before she announces her turn to sign up for social security.
    Slowly the widow starts to awaken in her.
    You want to make good use of time, but it eludes you
    – where does it go; was I ever there…
    have you spent too much time procrastinating?

    We must all make the most of our time and be present in such a way that we will be prepared when eventually we try call home only to hear a machine voice: “You have tried to reach 9594-9392?,
    I am sorry, that number is no longer in service. Click

  2. amazing post, amazing comment. Just returned from a walk so I wouldn’t have a public fit about a ridiculous situation at work – I guess it’s a step in the right direction? :_) Thanks Vicki, just what I needed.

    • Step in the right direction – smiling at you punniness! Sorry to hear there’s more ridiculousness and glad you are taking care to manage the stress of it, my friend! Glad it was just what you needed!

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