Vacation dreaming

We’re hanging out on our deck tonight – spring is definitely here. It’s in the 80s… I think Mother Nature might be overcompensating for that ice cold winter she brought to us. No complaining, we agreed! Spending the late afternoon dreaming…about summer vacation…just a mere 2 months away…here’s a  little preview of our itinerary:

Kotor Montenegro (UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Schkoder, Albania

Skadar Lake

Kruja, Albania


Himara, Albania


Saranda, Albania (Butrint UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Corfu, Ionian Island, Greece


3 thoughts on “Vacation dreaming

  1. I continue to be amazed by your ability to plan your life so far in advance! I am so not good at that. Maybe it’s just the way each of us is wired. Nonetheless, i can see why you’ve picked those places! 🙂

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