Helping me stand tall


I am not sure what I would do without all the amazing people in my life that help stand up when I feel like shrinking down into a small insignificant ball. Sometimes I forget that I am enough, that I am already amazing, that I have everything I need. And, always, always, there are people in my life that remind me of the light, right there inside.

I made up so many stories this week…one’s I don’t really care to share. I’ve rewritten them all. The revised story line invited by the LOVE-ly people in my life.

Jim, right there at the end of a day filled with defeat. My friends there reminding me of things like “Your vulnerability is your strength.” and saying things like “…you will not be defined or diminished by what is happening now. You have overcome much greater challenges, grown immensely in understanding and grasp that the essence of who you are is what really matters–whether others respond to it or not.”

Where does a girl get so lucky to have such strong and wise people in her life, their arms outstretched to keep her from falling, their voice cheering her on?

I am standing tall, grateful for the gift of the challenges I face and the lights in my life,

6 thoughts on “Helping me stand tall

  1. Please know how much you are loved Vicki ~ how much you have inspired so many of us by your words and deeds. I remember well when we first met and you sent me your beautiful poetry book. It stands tall and proud on my bookshelf ~ a daily reminder by my desk of how blessed I am to have connected with you. Whatever battle you may face, please know you have cyber shoulders behind you to lift you up, to help light the way and to strengthen you when needed. xoxo Shine On! ♥

  2. Yes, there are always choices as to how we tell our personal stories; and everyday kindness from friends and family can go a long way. I’ve just found your blog, and the gratitude and good cheer here are lovely. Wishing you the best with your challenges, and stories filled with much love and light!

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