stern and caring

Pilot Andrei, flight attendant David Meadows, and passenger Tiffany Liou

Pilot Andrei, flight attendant David Meadows, and passenger Tiffany Liou

I continue to think about American flight 3400 from Dallas to Moline and the incredible emergency landing and evacuation on Wednesday night. (See previous blog Safe for details). 

Our flight attendant, David, is why I can sleep at night. David is how I have been able to begin letting go of this experience.

He was the beautiful balance between taking charge and bringing calm.

He was authoritative from the moment he was aware of the crisis.

He was sensitive to what each of us were feeling and experiencing – he offered a positive frame of mind, he offered hope. There is no greater gift than hope.

I can see him, hear him. I can feel his presence. For he was present, so very very present.

Tuned in.

To what was needed.

He created clarity. What information do we need? What actions do we need to take?

He was full of compassion. What are we feeling? What thoughts will bring us a sense of calm?

He walked down the aisle many times: “Show me the position you will assume when we land.” as he looked at every one of us.

“Everything is going to alright.” And he walked slowly, calmly, looking into the eyes of each of 45 different passengers. Intentional.

“Look at the person sitting next to you. Look into their eyes. Find them when you get on the ground.” Wow. Powerful. Personal connection. Responsibility.

Safety. Humanity.

Mind and heart coexisting. 

Thank you, David. 

7 thoughts on “stern and caring

  1. Good morning Ms. Flaherty,
    I am a close friend of David Meadows. He asked that I reach out to you and extend his heartfelt thank you for your tribute. David does not participate in any type of social media and is currently restricted from contacting any of the passengers from this flight. He is, however, able to speak to you if you happen to run across each other in the airport. I saw your kind words and shared them with David. Again, thank you for taking the time to share how David positively impacted a negative experience. Best wishes and safe travels.

    • Oh, I am so glad that you reached out and let David know how much we appreciate his skill. Truly an amazing young man that AA is fortunate to have serving their company. I hope our paths will cross again. Thank you for reaching out on David’s behalf.

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