At Kierland Resort, Phoneix Arizona

In spite of food poisoning from airplane food on the way over and the resurrection of my nasty cold, I am enjoying the warmth of Phoenix Arizona! I feel so lucky to work from anywhere – I am tagging along with my husband Jim who is here attending a conference.

I am grateful for the beauty of green things growing. It’s amazing how uplifting it is to see palm trees and colorful flowers, and to smell the scent of orange blossoms. Medicine for the soul!

Keirland Resort - View from the room???????????????????????????????

View from the room at Kierland Resort and landscape around the property


3 thoughts on “Green!

  1. Oh Vicki! whilst I send “get better!” wishes for the cold and food poisoning (how awful!) I am moaning with envy as I sit here in my 8 degree weather with 3′ snow still on the ground… 🙂 Enjoy my friend, you deserve it.

  2. I, too, have conflicted emotions given that I remain in the cold and snowy midwest. Hopefully you are over the bought of food poisoning and the warmth of Phoenix makes your cold more bearable. I am glad that this trip away can be less intense for you since Jim is the one spending conference time. Though you both are still spending time working, I hope the change of weather and scenery is rejuvenating for you.

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