Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

courtesy of pinkylovejoy.com

courtesy of pinkylovejoy.com

Breathing back into life outside of work (which has been consuming me in an abundantly delicious way…more on that later!) by pausing today to wish my Mom and Dad a very happy 51st wedding anniversary.  This may very well be the first year in my life that I have not gotten them an anniversary card on time. I did, however, make sure I was one of the first to wish them a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY this morning by telephone. I hope, too, this post will serve as another special way of letting them know just how much they mean to me.

Lately, they have been dancing up a storm – makes me smile. I recall various other phases in their life when they’ve taken to dancing…when I was a small kid and they square danced (and I thought Mom’s dresses were so cool), and when I was in Junior High and they would waltz around the living room . I can remember knowing I had access to something very intimate and special when I came into the room when they were arm in arm.


Reportedly they’ll be tearing up the floor again tonight with some friends. (Take photos!)  With every step you take, know that you are inspiring me and showing me what fun life can be when you find joyful ways to share it with your spouse.

Other heartfelt posts about my parents: Blessing By Example and LOVE.

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