Moving toward peace

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Some amazing women I know are claiming a single word to guide them through their year:

  1. Maureen Electa Monta, my strengths guru friend and collaborator in creating heaven on earth, chose Wonder
  2. Yvonne at The Presents of Presence chose Love
  3. Bonnie at a the PaperKeeper chose Intentional – and she created a beautiful wordle of responses reflecting what her readers shared as their words.

People claiming words are everywhere! It’s a beautiful thing!

Previously I chose PEACE. At first, like Bonnie and her word, I wasn’t sure if it was the right one for me and for this year. However, with each step further into 2014 I take, peace comes as a beautiful invitation. I am embracing the possibility of it. I see it’s potential to shape my life right now in such positive ways.

peace sign small is calling me at so many turns.  The beautiful little The Art of Peace book by Morihei Ueshiba that Maureen gave to me calls me each morning, and today offered this:


And, the little Time for Joy book by Ruth Fishel that my sister friend Celeste gave me a few years ago gave me this as I reached for strength and clarity today:

peaceineverythingExploring the idea, my mind went something like this: “Really?” There’s peace in this chaos? There’s peace in this pressure I’m feeling? There’s peace in this recurring headache I’m having? Really? Peace is available now?”

As I sat in silence, opening to the invitation of stillness and really listening inside, the curious adventurer thought: “ Maybe, just maybe. This is where the courage, wisdom and light come from. Breathe into it.” An opening, again, I found my heart mostly singing.

One step closer today. Be silent, be still, listen. I’ll try it again tomorrow…

7 thoughts on “Moving toward peace

  1. Vicki, this is awesome and thank you so much for the beautiful include here! I love this line: People claiming words are everywhere! It’s a beautiful thing! – I shared my post with a friend of mine who is not in blog-land and he chose a word too. Amazing. I love how something so small can make such a big difference. Wishing you great peace this year. – B

    • Ah Vicki, you are a bottomless well of inspiration. Thank you for sharing with such hope and honesty… I too went, “REALLY? Peace in everything? NOT THIS WEEK!” But of course, I am wrong. Pema Chodron tells a story of a jewel thief who tries to rob a man of a precious stone. The man knows the thief is coming. He welcomes him in, offers him food and chit chats as the thief frantically goes through all the man’s belongings (chaos reigns). In the end, the thief cries out, “I know you have it!” and the man says, “I do not have it. You have it.” It was in the thief’s pocket the whole time. The man put it there. He had it and didn’t know it. Peace is the same, for me. Onward!

      • QM, thank you for this wonderful story…life is like that, isn’t it? We often have what we are looking for, we just have to slow down enough to notice! 🙂 Peace does not sound like it is reigning in your life right now – at least on the surface – may you find it lingering just where you least expected it. QV

        • Hi QV! Indeed … peace is here, yes? Maybe it’s like a butterfly and we just need to sit and let it land upon us, rather than chase it. 🙂 So much to learn!! Glad you’re part of my learning circle, my friend.

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