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Abundant deliciousness today was an hour with Therese Kienast.


Right to the heart. Two souls sharing their deepest desires.

Opening to what’s possible in the world when we slow down enough to create clear intentions for our lives.

People pay big bucks to have this Master Certified Coach guide them, and she’s giving ME and hour of her time.


This is a woman who transforms lives – who shows people the way to their wildest dreams.

I credit her with waking me up, inviting me to embrace my joy, and showing me the power of giving my heart and soul.

She opened me up, invited me to look inside, and see the beauty and light.

My experience in her Radical Leadership retreats in 2005 was a gift that changed my life.

Thanks to her and her team, and the manager, Diana Bing, who brought this to me, I am a “Radical Leader”:


The retreat was a place of intention, a sanctuary, a safe place.

Over time, everyone in the class came out of hiding and we could see ourselves, we could see each other.

She sees you, she feels for you, she touches you, she listens, she tunes in, she turns up the volume – and soon you begin to see what she sees, hear what she hears.

The room is intimate. The experience is personal. You’re invited to a playground, a place to explore.

It’s not a ‘class’ – there are no books, no lectures, no powerpoints – just you, your fellow participants and her. Sitting. In a circle. Discovering together.

Each activity leads to greater levels of self-understanding; each one invites you to go deeper inside.

Here you find answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. You engage, with yourself, with others. You learn by seeing, by feeling, by sharing, by being vulnerable and open.

You find meaning. You grow.

You start to believe you are unique and special, and that the world needs your light.

You leave seeing new possibilities. You have new lenses through which to see the world.

Life has new meaning.

Suddenly there are choices, there is power, there’s you creating your life.

Therese Kienast, Founder & CEO, Radical Leadership

Therese Kienast, Founder & CEO, Radical Leadership



The Radical Leader
by Vicki L. Flaherty for Therese Kienast ~ September 2007

Your presence graces a room.
Your power creates possibility.
Your heart hungry for life,
You are a mirror for me to see
what’s right in front of me—
the amazing woman I can be,
the perfect person I already am.

Your gifts come with little cards,
inscribed with simple words,
hinting at the treasures inside.
Find my essence and hold it with grace—
And there my joy awaits.

Finding my core, I see the light.
The world shifts.
An expansive canyon of radiant possibility.
I’m breathless, awed, emotionally charged.

Provocative in your wisdom:
I can create what I want,
just by claiming it.
Imagine that!
I’m filled with wonder, curious, delirious…
You gently shake the stillness.

Then, you turn up the volume.
This requires my attention.
Am I present—aware and awake,
to me, to you, to everything around us?
What is my intention? And,
What choices does it imply?
There’s no toolkit in this package.
My heart is my journey’s guide.
Vulnerability the hand I hold along the path.
Courage the source that keeps me moving.

A final ribbon untied on a precious package.
This gift is for both of us:
My presence graces a room.
My power creates possibility.
My heart is hungry for life.
I am a mirror for others to see.

7 thoughts on “Life changing radical

  1. My dear Vicki – may I humbly suggest that Therese got as much out of it as you did? I bet she’s thinking about you right now, even as I right this. 🙂 That’s how it works, in my opinion. It’s not win-win, it’s gain-gain.

    • You may. And, thank you for that. Completely agree – it felt like a gain-gain. I love that I can give back to her as she is giving to me. It’s like us, isn’t it?! Enjoy your last couple of days before jumping back into that playground we call work, my friend!

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