A year of seeking peace

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For my morning inspiration, I found myself reading The Art of Piece, a little yellow book filled with the wisdom of Morihei Ueshiba, which was a gift from my friend Maureen back in the early years of our friendship. We practice the brilliance within the pages together, part of the special bond that holds us and moves us in unison to the dance of the universe.

In some way I hardly understand, I am called to center the new year on peace. It seems right to declare 2014 as the year for me to practice peace in all its many forms. I sit curious about how I will play with the forces, virtues and symbols as I move through the days filled with possibility in 2014.


Peace-4 virtues

Peace-8 forces

The focus on peace reminded me of a poem I wrote for a friend (http://mostlymyheartsings.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/a-gift-of-peace/)…it grounded me and I feel renewed and invigorated to begin the day. Within my wish for peace is that you, too, may find peace.

Finding Peace
By Vicki Flaherty

Notice your breath…
Tune into your breathing.
Feel the life force moving through you, nourishing your spirit.
Sense the air in constant movement, an ever-available offering of strength.

Close your eyes…
Let them feel tired and heavy.
Rest in the darkness and connect with the spaciousness.
See the colors and textures of calm dance before you.

Move to a comfortable position…
Feel the earth supporting you and find your center.
Remove the armor that you put on to protect you.
Let your limbs float softly like clouds in the sky.

Relax your body…
Gently caress your stress and invite the tight spots to soften.
Feel the sensations as the tension melts away.
Experience the lightness as it pours over your every cell.

Cleanse your mind…
Let go of each thought as it arises.
Let the fear float freely up and away.
Welcome grace, hope and joy to fill the open space.

Hear the silence…
Listen for it just below the noise.
Feel the quiet as it holds you tenderly in its arms.
Welcome in the abundant peace that is here for you.

Tune into the energy around you…
The love inside you engages in a sacred dance.
Shine the light that emanates from you out into the world.
Your beautiful presence shimmers brilliantly in the stillness.

2 thoughts on “A year of seeking peace

  1. Thank you for combining the awesomeness of The Art of Peace (notice the dichotomy which we all must embrace to achieve it – unification + division – there is ying and yang in everything, even right and wrong, whether we want it or not) with the awesomeness of your poetry. I was feeling tense (didn’t realize it until i read about letting go of the tension) – and now I’m going to make a phone call and get a massage – and remember to breathe.

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