Wellness flower essence

flower essence

On Tuesday night, I was with two amazing spirits at my monthly Chakra gathering. We were a smaller group this time. Two of our soul sisters were caring for members of their family who are having health issues (so their graceful and caring spirits were at work, too).  On that night, with the full moon lighting Kate’s den that was warm from the heat of her wood stove and the essence of her kind and open home, we started with Ginny’s always amazing and profound invitation of opening. There, in our little circle, we held our two other friends, their mother and their sister.

It was – as always – a lovely evening of sharing, kindness, understanding, hope. We shared our disappointments, our joys, and our dreams. We celebrated the abundance of the past year and looked with intention on the year ahead. Part of our ritual has become exchanging gifts…what lovely reminders I have all over my home of the richness and heart that this group and these women have brought into my life. One of the gifts this year was something that Ginny made for each of us. Already it has brought me such a sense of calm, clarity, and clear intention. I am so grateful for you, my Chakra Group. With love and light, I look toward another year of togetherness.

Chakra Wellness Flower Essence

Root Chakra: Sweet Pea – “I am at home in the world.”

2nd Chakra: Hibiscus – “My femininity flowers and is honored.”

3rd Chakra: Sunflower – “I use my personal power ethically ad with confidence.”

4th Chakra: Red Clover – “I love and care about myself and others.”

5th Chakra: Cosmos – “I speak my mind and my heart effortlessly and clearly.”

6th Chakra: Black-eyed Susan – “I see within.”

Crown Chakra: Sage – “I am in touch with my inner wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, and the wisdom of the universe.”

Outer Chakras: Goldenrod – “I exist in this time and in this place, yet am timeless and limitless. I flow through the changes of the world’s evolution. I trust my ever evolving soul.”

Thank you, Ginny, for this beautiful, heartfelt and soul-inspired gift!

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