What is it?

courtesy of pxleyes.com

courtesy of pxleyes.com

What is it?

Is it the long, dark, cold days approaching winter solstice?
Is it the constantly growing list of seemingly oh-so-important to-dos?
Maybe it’s the ever increasing speed that the world’s running?
Or the overload of information that comes crying out to be tamed?
I don’t know.
Is it the abundance and delicious changes of the past year?
Or the richness of the challenges I’ve faced?
And the amazing successes I’ve achieved, big and small?
All I know is that I’m tired.

Thank goodness my end-of-year vacation is just a week away. My soul is crying out, “Rest, Vicki, rest.” I hear the wisdom in her voice, “Recharge. Fill the well with oil, that your light may shine bright in the new year ahead, with all it’s wondrous possibilities.”

For now, I’ll cherish the weekend ahead. 

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