you never know

standing in line

I got this note from The Universe today ( daily inspiration):

You just never know, Vicki, who in the crowd, standing beside you in line or passing you in the street, might be raised in spirit, or even lifted from despair, by the kindness in your glance or the comfort of your smile. But they may never forget.

I’m reminded once again of the power we have to touch others when we least expect it. Another thing that reminded me of this fact – words in Tift Merritt’s song “I know what I’m looking for now”:

When you can light up a stranger just passing by,
Start revolutions with the glint in your eye,
Sing Hallelujah with a breath or a sigh
And still know the way home.

I shared more thoughts about the power of our impact over at my Leading With Intention blog post entitled – no surprise! – Impact ( [Hey, do any of my wordpress blogger friends know why the button to insert hotlinks would be inactive?]

2 thoughts on “you never know

  1. Love your update, Vicki. (don’t know why the blasted hotlink won’t work – anymore than I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me log in yesterday to leave comments or like your blog entries). Nobody has more natural talent than you to do what The Universe is suggesting… How lovely! I still need to check out Tift – thanks for the reminder. Go be beautiful, my friend.

  2. Hey, Maureen! The Universe showed up again just this morning – was rereading an article that I had inadvertently carried along on this trip and it was SO relevant to our design work – helped us get unstuck. How cool is that?

    I’ve had quirky things with WordPress in the past as well – when trying to like and comment on your blog … haha…so my sympathies. You will love Tift when you check our her music (at least I hope!). Thanks for coming by!

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