happy birthday jim hogan


Happy Birthday to YOU! 

I wish I were home so we could quietly celebrate you. Alas, we’ll push the pause button on the festivities until the weekend. Plus, I know that what you like most is to push the pause button until you can really relax and unwind at our little piece of heaven in Mexico. Counting the days until our trip and our arrival in San Agustinillo with our feet buried deep in the sand, and our ice cold Indios (con limon, por favor) in hand. Salud!

We don’t have to be together for me to tell you how grateful I am for YOU. How thankful I am that you came into my life and changed it forever, for the better. I love you as my partner in this abundantly delicious life – I don’t ever take that for granted (although I know there are moments where my actions aren’t quite aligned with that fundamental belief ;]).

I love you and look forward to celebrating soon!  


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