a new pattern?

courtesy of 123rf.com

courtesy of 123rf.com

It would have been so easy to say I’ll start fresh with the new year.

But I was defiant. The pervasive attitude of work-at-all-costs was not going to snag me hook-line-and sinker, again. (Since October I’ve been on business trips to the same location 4 other times, and each time I have been too busy to squeeze in more than some gentle yoga to start or end my day, maybe with some push ups and sit ups thrown in.)

Nope. When I got off the little American Eagle plane and walked onto the tarmac, it seemed warm (it’s all relative of course!).  An idea began to float up from some far-away fitness girl place in me: “There might still be enough daylight after I check into my room to squeeze in a quick run!” I liked the idea of it. Even a short run would feel great.

I checked in, walked briskly to my room (a little determination in each step), unpacked my suitcase enough to find my yoga pants, a couple  of layers of shirts, and my running shoes. I was out the door at 4:40pm as the overcast sky went purple with hints of red. The crisp air and fading light gave me energy. I was running! Around the parking lots, up the hills. I was running! (Not to be confused with my usual jogging pace.) I even crossed paths with a beautiful whitetail buck a couple of times -so beautiful and an inspiration of running. With each step the sky got darker and my pace got faster – well, to a point, especially as I pushed my way up the hills.

It felt great. The movement of it, the conviction in it, the accomplishment of it.

I’ve established a new pattern. Now, if I can just make it stick a couple more days…



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