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021I am having a professionally rewarding week in Armonk NY collaborating with a team that is redesigning our leadership experience for newly promoted executives. It felt very much like a design lab – messy, fun, creative. Sometimes we caught ourselves getting a bit frustrated with how iterative and evolutionary everything was. At some point today we made it to the other side of all that – our ideas melded and took shape. I was really thrilled to be able to be with colleagues who I’ve not seen in awhile and with new team mates that came in from Bangalore and Vienna. I even got to spend time with my new manager and meet an HR VP.

The highlight of the day was walking the VP through the experience we had designed. I got to play “Promoted Pamela”, a new executive attending our leadership class. Shared what it would be like to go through the experience from a participant perspective was a really powerful way of capturing the heart and mind of our VP.  I was surprised how much fun it was!

(The photo is a hand-made wordle of the feelings we wanted to generate for someone going through our leadership experience. Who would have thought back those many years ago when I was a teenager scrapbooking before scrapbooking was cool, with colored paper and markers, that I would be putting my skills to work for an executive program ;] )

4 thoughts on “design lab

  1. Thank you, Yvonne, Maureen, and Torben…definitely like a circle, more like a circle expanding out and circling out and around itself. It’s bigger, richer, building on what’s come before. I appreciate your celebrating this ‘high’ with me…this blog family is indeed a lovely thing! 🙂

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