Belief traps or frees us

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Rachel Naomi Remen inspired my thoughts again today in the chapter On Naming and Awe in Kitchen Table Wisdom:

“Labeling sets up an expectation of life that is often so compelling we can no longer see things as they really are.”

I wondered about the labels I am using to describe myself, my health, my work. Is it possible that this funk is a matter of how I am labeling who I am, what I am up to, what’s possible? (Of course it is – in the same way that when life feels rosy pink like one of Radiating Blossom’s flowers, it’s in part due to the stories I choose to make up and hold on to about  life.)

“…a label is an attempt to assert control and manage uncertainty. It may allow us the security and comfort of a mental closure and encourage us not to think about things again.”

Yep…wanting to control, needing to manage the uncertainty of all the things flowing into my life. (It feels like a river rushing at me, a river so full…the water curls in at the edges that keep expanding…)

“But life never comes to closure, life is a process, even mystery. Life is known only by those who have found a way to be comfortable with change and the unknown.”

The river flows, the skies take it up, it returns as rain…and the river flows…always we are transforming, evolving, shaping…

7 thoughts on “Belief traps or frees us

  1. Beautifully done, and I really like the”inner dialogue” style of this post as ypu reflect and respond to what you are read7ng. The explanation of the need to label is so insightful. Thanks Vicki

  2. I echo the loveliness of the inner dialogue interspersed with the writing. Thank you for helping us realize what we do that is wrong – scratch that – ineffective – that prevents us from becoming fully. ;=)

  3. “… it’s in part due to the stories I choose to make up and hold on to about life.”

    There’s something fundamental in that. … If you think about it – what are the past and the future? Stories. And those stories are what we use to make decisions and form beliefs. Telling a different story, can change the course of a life. Ours, or maybe more importantly, someone else’s.

    Thanks for sharing,


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