I’m back! Portugal was GREAT!

Port13 249c

Oh, wow! Can it be nearly 3 weeks since I was here? The 2 weeks in Portugal were wonderful! (Photo is of Jim and me at Praia Beliche on the western coast of Portugal in the Algarve.) I shared a post in anticipate of Portugal that had photos promising beautiful sites (see Portugal Bound). Here are my similar shots to those I took from the web.


Port13 355c

Vila Nova de Milfontes:

Port13 512c


Port13 639c


Port13 1166c


Port13 1327c


Port13 1550c


Port13 1601c

The week since being home…well, not exactly the same spirit of relaxation – probably more like the reason I needed to be rejuvenated! Beyond the jet lag and general getting resettled at home, there is so much energy, especially at work. Our team is preparing for a first of its kind enterprise-wide event hosted by our CEO (that’s BIG – I work for IBM!) focused on cloud computing (I oversee the learning in this area and this is a learning-related event). Mostly I see lots of ‘grand invitations’ to keep focused on what matters and what I want to create, and who I want to me.

For more photos of our trip, you can visit the website I created at Shutterfly:

Jim&Vicki’s Travel Adventures

Great to be back on WordPress. I’ve missed by blogger friends and have found it a real treat to come back to your inspiring posts. Thank you.

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