Delicious summertime

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courtesy of

I have to give a ‘shout-out’ to Mother Nature. The weather here in Iowa City/Coralville has been fantastic this summer. I heard on the evening news yesterday that during summer 2012 we had some 30 days over 90 degrees, and this year we’ve only had 6! I can see the leaves fluttering on the trees so there is that lovely midwest breeze (I don’t call it that in the winter, by the way!). The temperature outside is 65 slowing rising from a low in the 50s to a predicted high of around 75. THAT is the kind of day that pulls a girl outside for a lunchtime run. And, that makes for a perfect Chakra Group gathering at our friend Lori’s this evening, where we can enjoy our feast and fun on her outdoor patio amidst her lovely garden and beautiful trees. Cheers, to Mom Nature!

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