Positive direction is good

Sandy, me and Buzz, around 1973

Sandy, me and Buzz, around 1973

Today deserves some celebration. My cousin Sandy has moved out of the hospital and into a rehab center where she will continue to get the help she needs until she is up and around and able to care for herself again. She’s not at the end of the road by any means, but she’s out of the woods. We almost lost her and it was very scary. I am grateful that she is getting better and stronger and healthier every day. (I’ve written about her before in Love Floating Across the Sky and For Sandy.)

P.S. The photo looks so 1970s doesn’t it? It was taken at the house where Sandy grew up in Lodi, CA. I loved visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie’s place and hanging out with my cousin Sandy – it was like I had a big sister, and I liked that a lot!


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