150I started posting on this blog November 20, 2012 so I’m nearly 7 months into my life as a blogger. When I saw this message after yesterday’s post, I thought, “wow!” My intention was to blog every day…to give myself the opportunity every day to take note of something I have to be grateful for. While I do count my blessings – and there are so many of them that I don’t even write about (or perhaps even realize), I have come to understand that setting an expectation that I do anything other than eat and sleep every day is just not realistic. I’ve settled in to a happy spot between discipline and going with the flow. Given that I am one of those people who tends to check accomplishments off her to-do list and move quickly on to the next thing without much of a pause of acknowledgement for the achievement, I thought I would consciously choose to pause today in gratitude for my blog, my blogging, and the milestone of my first 150 posts. I enjoy the opportunity to express myself and share my ideas. I look forward to experiencing others’ blogs and learning from them. I especially like when I gain a sense of connection and feel shared experiences – so often others words are incredibly powerful and inspiring. I’m thankful for all the new friends I’ve made and the sense of family that’s here.

6 thoughts on “150

  1. Congratulations on this milestone, and on the choice to go with the flow…I think it allos more freedom in one’s writing. And your writing is beautiful. As David writes, here’s to 10,000 more.

  2. Thanks to all of you, my blog family – you keep me going! Kinda ironic that I ‘goofed’ with this post – I had created a draft of it probably a month ago and never published it. Was online to schedule a different draft post late yesterday and must have opened this one, not realizing I had any other drafts! Anyway, celebrating 150 + 23! 🙂

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