I’m so free

courtesy of sf.funcheap.com

courtesy of sf.funcheap.com

Today’s gratitude journal entry:

On this July 4th – Independence Day in the USA, I am thankful for my freedom – to think, feel, be who I am, to do what I want, to befriend who I want, to openly express my ideas, questions, dreams. I am grateful that I live in the United States of America with its diversity of people, plants, animals, locations, landscapes, religions, perspectives…It’s a Happy Summer Day in the good ole USA!

2 thoughts on “I’m so free

  1. Great stuff, Vicki. I also want to share my gratitude for my friend, Lawrence, a Major in the Army, who is serving in Egypt as part of a diplomatic corps. His role has changed with the overthrow – he is now helping Americans evacuate. Deep appreciation for the men and women who serve our country. Happy Fourth, my dear friend. Onward! QM

    • Maureen, thank you for you comment. So many have served – and lost their lives – so I can enjoy all the freedoms I described and more. Sending a prayer of gratitude to your friend Lawrence and all the others serving our country. Happy 4th!

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