Things of summer


What an abundantly delicious evening with Jim on the deck last night.

A gentle breeze, the slightest tinge of coolness in the air.

The sounds of birds singing, chipmunks talking, and squirrels scampering around the yard.

The flowers in their magnificent colors standing tall after the soaking rains and return of sunshine.

Together we sit side-by-side in our rockers taking it in, letting the evening gently roll by.

From the full light of day to the fading fading glow of sunset to clear darkness with the glow of fireflies.

It’s the kind of night I remember playing outside with my brother and friends, vibrantly alive and frolicking in fun.

We talk of summer camp as kids and wonder, when is the last time we had a roasted marshmellow?

Too long, we decide. Next time we ask that question on a beautiful summer night, we’ll be able to say July 4th 2013!

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