Paid forward


I finally found myself in a situation to pay forward the great experience I had at the Starbucks in Indianapolis (see What a lovely start to the day!). The day after this abundantly delicious surprise experience in Indy, no one was in the Starbucks, if you can believe that. And last time I came to Brueggers not a single person came in to buy something!

Today was the day! What a delicious feeling it was to pay it forward! I bought the coffee that Joe, in line behind me, had in his hand. Turns out the steamy brew was for his boss, Dave. They are working on the construction of the new storefront at Iowa River Landing half a mile up the road. He went to shake my hand, but having come over from the  construction site on a quick break to pick up a tasty brew for his boss, his hands were dirty and he offered a hug instead. How often does that happen? Hugging a total stranger in the bagel shop? I could tell he felt like I did that day in Indy – he was smiling. He called his boss to tell him about it right then so he could thank me, too. Of course, I was smiling, too. Warm fuzzies.

I need to this more often! A small gesture has so much power. And, possibility – of acknowledging someone else, of stepping out of my little world, opening up to someone else’s world, and meeting up in the shared space between us. Lovely! What a lift. Why don’t you try it. Today, give someone else a little gift! Could even be something that is free – like a smile! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Paid forward

  1. How appropriate today. I went to Daily Mass with Joe and we went out for coffee afterward. I snuck up and paid for everyone and LOTS of hugs! It WAS a nice feeling! 😇

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