Among the peacefulness

Our side shade garden

Our side shade garden

Today I had the perfect start to my day. Awoke rested after a great night’s sleep. Enjoyed my hazelnut coffee and a healthy “Morning Glory Muffin” made by my friend Jedn on the deck in the cool of early morning. I sat in my big new rocker and took in the flower pots overflowing with blooms, the green of the trees wrapping the yard like a present, the songs of the birds speaking of so many exciting possibilities. As I opened to the day, intent on living it to its fullest, words kept pushing their way to the surface of my mind…a little scribbling later and this is what I created.

Among the Peacefulness

Thoughts dance wildly
They move back and forth
Undulating to a subtle rhythm

Among the peacefulness of plants
They slow and softly wander  
Moving gracefully among the leaves
And settle in the sanctuary of the garden

Sitting with the flowers
They open to life’s magic
Magnificent shapes speak of possibility
Brilliant color awakens calm
The silence of their song invites love

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