OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Father’s Day to my Dad!

My father is such an important reason that my life is abundantly delicious. I don’t take for granted the choices he made that powerfully shaped my life, like loving my mom more than anything (I’ve written about their love in Blessing by Example, Practice and Not Quite Perfect, and LOVE), working hard and building a career in the Navy to provide for his family, making time for the good things in life – like family time (boating and skiing on the lake, snow skiing in the mountains), supporting his kids (cheering us on at sporting events)…I am grateful for having a Dad that believed in me and always gave me room to learn and grow. I am thankful that when I think of my Dad, my heart smiles and I feel really happy. What a gift to have a Dad who loves you.

I love you, Dad, and count you among my blessings every day!

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