10 to 22 (+)


it’s june. month of weddings. including mine – ours – jim and me. coming up: 6/22. we’ll be 22. officially, that is. i add another 5 years since we met in fall ’86. Athens, GA. young. adventurous. fun. a joyful road ahead. ah, young love.

flash forward. ah, mature love. filled with memories. making more memories. grateful for every day. TOGETHER. filled with gratitude for the gift of JIM in my life, the love we share. counting down to anniversary day…10 to go.

2 thoughts on “10 to 22 (+)

  1. AWwwww… I love that you two adore each other so – you are so amazing QV. I hope someday to meet Jim so I can see the man who deserves the love of my dear friend Vicki!! 🙂

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