A good formula

formulaThe day started after a delicious night’s sleep. You know, when you wake up feeling refreshed because you experienced the restful passage of at least 8 hours of dreamy, comfortable sleep. After a couple of night’s away, being in my own bed next to my husband made it extra special.

I added some inspiration time.  I enjoyed my coffee with candles glowing in the early morning light, reading a couple short pieces from favorite books that always move me toward positivity and connection with the important things in life (e.g., My Grandfather’s Blessings), and reflecting on the abundance in my life and capturing those wonderful gifts in my gratitude journal.

It’s usually on days like these that my ‘soft spot’ shows up like an old friend whose been away for awhile. I noticed it a couple of times today, like when I started to cry at lunch time after reading a sweet thank you note from a friend whose 11-year old niece is moving with Grace through her journey with Cystic Fibrosis, and like when I cut through all the words and actions during a meeting to get to the ‘heart’ of what’s important.

I relish these days when I manage to bring my heart to the table, when I have the courage to set it down slap-dab in the middle where it can’t be ignored, and when I let it share with me new possibilities.


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