What a lovely way to start the day!


So I’m in Indianapolis for a business meeting. There will be coffee in the meeting room to accompany our hot breakfast. Yet, I doubt it will be very tasty. I passed on the coffee in the room because the only creamer was of the powdered variety (I’m a bit of a creamer prude.)

Starbucks in the hotel lobby is right on the way to the meeting. So I swing in. It’s quiet. Just the 2 women working the shop, and a woman in line placing her order. In response to the cashier asking the other guest if she’d like anything else, the guest says “I’d like to pay for whatever she’s having,” cocking her head to point to me.

This total stranger bought my venti decaf skim latte today! I thought that was so kind. She made me smile. I got curious. Asked her what brought her here and we chatted as we waited for our coffee. After she left, the place was somehow full of energy and the employees were having fun with the guests. By the time a couple of my fellow Board members came into the cafe, the place had a bit of a buzz about it.

A single act of kindness inspiring goodness. That’s nice.

I made a promise to myself to pay-it-forward and buy the drink of the person who comes in after me tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “What a lovely way to start the day!

  1. Ah Vicki – she simply saw the beauty in your heart and soul, your ability to reach out to people and make them feel special. She probably has the same kernel of greatness in her as well. How very cool. PS I’m a creamer snob too, along with beer, wine, and chocolate. You go girl! Maureen

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