Salt and the sea

gulf shores

It’s Friday night ‘deck time’ with Jim. I’m shelling salted peanuts, reminiscing about the early days of our relationship when summer vacation was spending all day every day for an entire week in Gulf Shores, AL in our loungers under a bug blue umbrella drinking our ‘juice’ (back then we figured cheap bear with lime juice qualified as healthy) and shelling salted peanuts, with our ‘bubba dog’ Tucker either hanging out between us, digging a big hole in the sand in front of us, or back in the room being brilliant and staying cool in our air conditioned room.

The gulf coast of the ‘southland’ turns to the southern coast of Portugal and Sagres, our first stop on vacation late this summer. I’m researching beaches (now, doesn’t that sound like some serious study you could dig into?) near Sagres. I came across the photo below, memories of many other European beaches flooding into memory, and found myself saying out loud, I can see myself there!  🙂  Counting the days to vacation-bound…




2 thoughts on “Salt and the sea

  1. Vicki, if I had only one tenth of your ability to plan my future as well as you do…. I do admire it so. I can see you on that beach too, with some “juice” (I love that idea of calling it juice.) 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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