Dog in the window

courtesy of (Bobby in the window)

courtesy of (Bobby in the window)

I was in the guest room this morning and stopped to appreciate the sweet poem below which is framed and sits on the dresser. It was written by my niece Jillian when she was 6. She grew up in a family with 2 Dalmatians and has a soft heart for dogs (and these days rabbits, too). I have a soft spot for the 4-legged furry companions as well and this poem makes me smile and feel warm evry time I read it. Here’s to my creative and expressive niece, and to dogs! And to the smiles and feel-good feelings that both generate  🙂

Come Down, My Dog
By Jillian Lee Flaherty (Age 6)

Come Down, My Dog
Little Puppy in the windo
Will you come down to me
It mite be trow that me and you
will be in the zoo.
we will play evry day
oh so fun
I’ll hope that life will nevr be done
with you
and me
my dog.


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