Freedom and flags


Happy Memorial Day

Today I am grateful for all those who have served to protect the freedom that I enjoy. I am also grateful for people like Larry Eckhardt. He lives in Little York, IL and provides a hero’s welcome for fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. He’s collected 2,380 US flags and mounted them on 10-foot poles. When he learns of the death of a service member in the Midwest, he lines the funeral procession route with the flags. He’s honored more than 100 people who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can learn more about Larry and the incredible gift he is here:

5 thoughts on “Freedom and flags

  1. Wow… proof that one dedicated person can make a huge difference… I need to be reminded of that today. 🙂 And I’ve sent thank you’s to my friends in the military (emails) – just want them to know that I appreciate their service for our country… Thanks for the reminder, Vicki. Maureen

    • Smiling. I’m sure your military friends will be glad to hear your words of appreciation. We are so fortunate to have those who serve. We all make a difference in our own way. And, you, my friend, make a big difference to LOTS of people! Including me. 🙂

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