Feeling home among the southern pines

courtesy of frontiers-of-anthropology.blogspot.com

courtesy of frontiers-of-anthropology.blogspot.com

it’s an unusually crisp morning
here in Burlington, North Carolina
with Jim visiting his Mom and other family
running through the Twin Lakes community
breathing in the pines and the smell of the south
it’s so true what the Indigo Girls say
something special about the southland in the springtime
i’m a married-into-it Southerner
yet now there’s something here that feels like home


2 thoughts on “Feeling home among the southern pines

  1. Hello QV! I wondered if you were out of town – I love that you’ve found a home away from home… good for you. Hope the weekend is marvelous – look forward to talking very soon. Mailed you a little something today, my dear friend. Taking good care of myself and can hear that you are, too. Onward!

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