The invitation of fear

fearI don’t like when I act out of fear. I’ve learned a lot about fear and how to move through it, yet I’ve clearly got so much more to learn. Today I am grateful for my friend, Blair, who sat across the table with me at lunch yesterday and pointed right to my fear and how I was showing up (or failing to, as the case would be) as a result. I feel invited to transform the fear into something that will serve me. I remembered the  poem below that I wrote back in September 2007 and thought it a fitting reminder of the cost of succumbing to fear and the invitation to step away from it.

By Vicki Flaherty

You spoke to me with your tantalizing words
You told me I couldn’t have it all
You shouted at me, vibrating through me:
Who I am is not good enough
What I want doesn’t matter

You laid yourself in front of me
You blocked entry to my soul
You covered the essence of me in noise

I missed opportunities when you showed up
You neutralized my relationships
You took the possibilities from my work
You led me away from discovery

I have lost so much because of you
You stole my sense of wonder
You squelched my curiosity
You made my dreams unimportant

Day by day I find the way
To ease you out of my life
Your false sense of importance
The expectations you create
Gradually appearing less real to me

© 2007, Vicki Flaherty

9 thoughts on “The invitation of fear

  1. Stunning personification of Fear, Vicki. What a gift you have in writing, and in your friend Blair. If everyone could be so blessed! 🙂

  2. WOW! I love it as well – and frankly, Vicki, it takes a lot of courage to admit one is afraid. 🙂 You do have such a gift – of writing, of friendship, of self-awareness. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sometimes I wonder why fear so easily grips us whereas hope and faith can slip through and be difficult to hold in our hearts and minds. I like that poem, fear robs us of living, present and mindful. Many blessings, Vicki!

  4. @ lisa, maureen, and kristy – thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Even when I’m consumed by fear, I know that the burdens I carry could be so much heavier. I am blessed.

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