Goldfinches arrive


Today as I was making my morning coffee, I saw a goldfinch couple on the thistle sock feeder! I’ve been waiting for them. For the past couple of weeks, the chickadees and house finches have been making sure that everything’s in working order for them.

It was a beautiful spring day here so naturally I spent most of my time outside in the yard. As I moved all the potted plants back to their designated places on the deck (I had huddled them up next to the house or brought them inside because of last week’s cold snap), I could hear the finches talking to each other, along with all the other neighborhood birds.

Golden paradise!


2 thoughts on “Goldfinches arrive

  1. I love to watch the little animals of spring! We have a mama cardinal who has made her nest in a shrub next to a window at our house. We’ve been watching her for a few weeks. I hope we get to hear the babies squawking soon! ♥

  2. Oh, how wonderful you have a nest you can see! We had a nest in one of our trees a year or two ago and we were around the day one of the babies flew the coop. Magnificent! EnJOY!

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