April blessings, May possibilities


I pause in gratitude for all the blessings of April.

I sit quietly in anticipation of all the possibility in May.

It it spring, and that makes me happy.

Today is for planting the seeds of my joy.



By Vicki L. Flaherty

The seed,
seeking nourishment,
finds richness surrounding it and
takes inspiration from the light above.

The seedling,
breaking free,
stretches toward the sky and
shows its greatness to the world.

The stem,
taking shape,
expands into the openness and
develops powerfully each day.

The blossom,
flowering to magnificence,
touches the world with its vibrancy and
shapes the beauty that is life.


5 thoughts on “April blessings, May possibilities

  1. Vicki,

    Your consistent theme of gratitude is so central, so critical, to life. I’ve come to feel that it is the touchstone emotion- allowing the feelings of love and forgiveness and generosity to flow like water.

    Your poetry is beautiful and your message transcendent.

    Thank you.


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