Friends playing in the yard


Yesterday I spent the afternoon communing outside with my friends Blair and Kate. It was one of those days when you just had to be outside. The blue skies draped around us like a tender blanket. The sun kissing our skin with warmth and light. The neighborhood full of life and energy. Lucky for us we had planned to work in Kate’s glorious yard. I should say, play in Kate’s yard, because the raking and pruning was like a joyful game with nature.

I am grateful today for friendship and nature and how both serve to renew, bless, and sustain me with their generosity and spirit.

2 thoughts on “Friends playing in the yard

    • And, even better when some of those friends are of the four-legged furry variety – like at my friend’s where we had 3 dogs on the deck barking in song and keeping us on task! 🙂

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