Portugal bound

Algarve Portugal

Algarve Portugal

Much to our delight, we have locked in on our summer vacation itinerary! We have decided, at long last, to visit Portugal. We’ll start in the south, flying into Faro, renting a car and driving up the coast, ending in the north, at Porto. Below are the places we’ll stop to stay along the way. Feels good to have all of the ‘hard’ logistics taken care of (transportation and lodging)…now we can take a more leisurely approach to coming up with our menu of things to do at the various locations. Ah, now this is indeed abundantly delicious!



Vila Nova de Milfontes

Portugal_Vila Nova de Milfontes






Douro Valley

Portugal_Douro Valley



9 thoughts on “Portugal bound

  1. All I can say is WOW!!!! Freaking beautiful… all that hard work has paid off, that’s for sure (your planning I mean!) 🙂 QM

    • I always think the last trip is the most amazing. I’m amazed out how possibility keeps repainting itself. So much to learn and discover. Truly, onward, my friend! I’m souring heaven,, don’t you know?

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