La Bella Luna

full moon2

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Today I am grateful for the full moon that rose over the horizon as I finished my run to the park with Jim last night. There is something magical to me about a full moon. I love to see it looming from the horizon, quietly gracing the sky in fading daylight to illuminate the night sky with a mystical softness, giving everything a silvery glow. In honor of the full moon, I selected a couple of poems online that I found at

Full Moon
By Fortunato

Full moon
Your beauty mesmerizes
Your light shines
Your presence makes our spirit soar
You are so full and soulful
Illuminating the night for all

Mother Moon
By Rainemoon

Oh mother moon
you are a full moon tonight bring me much spiritual delight.
I stand outside to catch your rays
for they bring me peace and tranquity of body and soul.
I mark your date on my calendar
and wish that your beauty will shine ever so bright
and bit be covered by clouds in the night.
I need your full moon light to enhance my being,
for your moon rays are my soul’s delight.

Mark you calendar…next full moon is May 25th!  For the full calendar, visit Full Moon Calendar Dates (and scroll down to 2013).

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