Happy Earth Day

courtesy of earthdayapril.com

courtesy of earthdayapril.com

Today I am grateful for the all the wonders of this beautiful planet earth. I noticed the warmth in the breeze, the sounds of birds chirping, the squirrels enjoying the  birdbath, the green growth pushing its way from the earth, the blossoms of the neighbor’s forsythia sprouting their yellow glory, the wonder of the grand pine trees lining our street and surrounding our house. It felt good this morning to mulch our coffee grounds into the garden and to take our recycles to the curb for tomorrow’s pick up.

Happy Earth Day!


5 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

    • Thanks for stopping by! I started online blogging officially in fall 2012. I had been doing a bit of sporadic blogging at work related to career development and sending monthly leadership communiques since fall 2007 (which I turned into a blog called Leading With Intention @ http://www.leadwintent.wordpress.com). I appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

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