Squirrel’s Jungle Gym

squirrel jungle gym

Today was another one of those great warm spring days when I just had to be outside working in the yard.

I started by putting to use some of the purchases I made earlier in the morning at the local craft fair. I hung a new birdhouse in the front yard, I mounted the 3 painted wooden flowers in different spots on the house where we have garden beds, and I put the running rabbit made of metal in the ground by the birdbath. (I should have taken photos!)

Then, I finished the raking I started last weekend. As I was picking up the winter accumulation of nature’s debris, I heard the squirrels scampering in the trees and saw them chasing each other and jumping from limb to limb. We have a resident pair who have lived in the trees since we’ve been here (12 years). One is working on it’s nest – I can always tell because there are little limbs on the ground around the tree. Between the natural playground and the forever present feast of leftovers at our bird feeder, I’d say they have quite a nice little home. What squirrel wouldn’t want to have this jungle gym in their backyard?  🙂

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