A beautiful white light

I just learned that my friend Barb lost her battle with breast cancer last night.

I have missed her beautiful smile and vibrant energy in our ‘bosom buddies’ yoga. She was a beautiful light and inspired so many of us to be brave for the fight.

I came across this incredible White Lily photo on Carol Welsh’s Flowers, Trees, and Other Such Gifts of Nature blog this evening after hearing the news.  It reminded me of Barb – perhaps it’s the beautiful whiteness. Barb was a light, a beautiful light. Her physical presence will be greatly missed – she always had a ready smile, vibrant energy and a warm spirit that filled a room or whatever space she shared with others. There’s some comfort in knowing that with all the seeds she planted and lights that she sparked, she will continue to be with us in many special ways.

Peace, my friend.


10 thoughts on “A beautiful white light

  1. Hi Vicki – Oh this story makes me sad…I’m so sorry. I’m truly so honored that a photo of mine could spark such a beautiful thought. Thank you Vicki. Much love to you.

  2. Awww…. what a shame! I’m so sorry, Vicki, for you and for Barb’s family. Remember this though, we honor those “white lights” by harboring that same energy in our hearts, and sharing it with others – something you do so well. Many thoughts and prayers with you all… call if you need me my friend.

  3. Vicki, the beautiful white light of the lily and of your tribute to Barb is so touching. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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