J&T – my boys

With Jim and Tucker, 1988

With Jim and Tucker, 1988

The early days…we were so young! 25 years ago…

I was just blogging over at Mostly My Heart Sings about the Comfort of having Jim as my partner in life. I am so grateful for the abundantly delicious life we’ve had – a life that we have created together, sometimes more consciously than others. I’m wanting to bring that into the present tense…the life we HAVE and that we ARE CREATING.

What’s not shown in the Athens photo on the other blog is Tucker. When the photo was taken, he was off running around the lake, making himself into a muddy mess and relishing his freedom. So I thought I would share this photo that includes our beautiful baby. He’s whooped here, having run and romped around the open fields near Auburn University at Montgomery. Sweet Tucker is sitting still for this shot – also taken with the old Minolta – only because he is all tuckered out.

Thank you, Jim and Tucker, for filling my life with love and joy.

4 thoughts on “J&T – my boys

  1. I hope I can learn about partnership (with intent) and love from you, Vicki. 🙂 So far to go, but that’s okay. Thanks for sharing – AWESOME photo of you guys!!

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